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Thee Pietermaritzburg Aero Club is an independent, non-profit organization aimed at fostering aviation in general and at providing flying to its members at the lowest possible rates.

The club operates a fleet of Cessna aircraft which is reviewed from time to time in keeping with its changing needs. In general, flight training is conducted on a two-seat high-wing Cessna 150 trainer, and full-time instructors are available throughout the week and weekend. For licensed pilots and advanced pupils two four-seater Cessna 172s, and advanced training aircraft are available.

The Club is based at the Pietermaritzburg (Oribi) aerodrome, which boasts a 1580m tarred runway, but which is conveniently out of the way of heavy commercial air traffic, yet is still serviced by the Airlines. This means that student pilots have the advantage of learning at an airport with commercial traffic WITHOUT the disadvantage of long delays caused by heavy commercial air traffic. You don't get better than this.


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ZS-DTP the Club's first C150
ZS-JKK the Club's current C150

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