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We are a Part 141 Approved Flight Training School - CAA/0029

Trial Lesson / Introductory Flight

Never been in a light aircraft before? Well then a trial lesson would be an ideal start for you. The lesson is designed to give you your first sensation of flying. An experienced instructor will show you how incredible it feels to be in control of an aircraft and may let you take control yourself! The lesson, which takes around an houe, includes a half hour flight briefig, and just under half an hour flight time. The flight time can be credited towards your total time needed to obtain a private pilots licence. We are certain that a trial lesson would convince you that flying is something you CAN do. Book a trial lesson NOW!!

Know someone else who wants to fly? Why not purchase a trial lesson for them. It's the perfect gift for anyone, from the flying enthusiast to someone who has never flown before.

Training Offered

Private Pilots License

Night Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Multi-engine Rating

Hire and Fly (for Qualified Full Members)

Private Pilots License

Whether your goal is to obtain a license for recreational purposes, perhaps flying family and friends around or whether your goal is to make aviation your career someday and become a commercial pilot the Private Pilots License is the place to begin.

Let us help you obtain your dream to fly. It is possible for your aviation journey to be easy, affordable and most of all FUN.
Our courses are tailor made to suit YOU. for a dedicated full time student, a PPL license can be obtained in a matter of 12 to 16 weeks. However the course can be stretched out over a period of months to suit those who are working, studying or still in school.

The Night Rating

This is the next logical step for you, the experienced Private Pilot to do, this will allow you to fly after dark during visual flight conditions. It is a rating that needs great respect as night flying can be a very dangerous and hostile environment. Our course is designed to amplify your training and experience to a higher level of responsible flying. The end reward being a qualification that will allow you to experience the beauty of flying under the stars, perhaps on a moonlit night over our countries shimmering town and city lights.

Commercial Pilot License

Once your PPL is complete, your first step towards your CPL is your night rating. You can choose to do your CPL with or without an Instrument Rating depending on the career path you plan to follow. A CPL qualifies you to work as a professional pilot.

Ground School

Pietermaritzburg Aero Club offers Ground School to student pilots on a request basis. You may self study, or do our course, which is highly recommended and makes the studying a lot more fun.

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Part 141 Approved Flight Training School - CAA/0029