“from the desk of our President”

Greeting Everyone,

Wow, the airfield was left in a state of destruction after a storm a week ago.
Briefly, the club house lost a section of the roofing resulting in water damage, guttering on the swimming pool side was ripped off and blown over the roof to the street side, the newly erected pole for our windsock was blown over with the windsock being shredded and the back of our hangar lost a panel of corrugated ironsheeting. Thank goodness none of our aircraft were damaged.

Unfortunately Oribi Flying Services were not so lucky as a lot of damage was done to their hangar resulting in a lot of aircraft being damaged.

Martin Hellberg took pictures which he kindly sent to many people, but if any one hasn’t seen them, I am sure Julie can forward them to you. It is at times like this, that one realizes how important it is to be adequately insured.

Telani Lithgow, the club’s instructor says that dueto density altitude and the extreme temperatures currently being experienced flying hours in our C150’s are down due to the aircraft not performing well under these conditions. It is great to know that Telani is keeping a watchful eye on the safety of our students and aircraft.

Flying hours for January, 2014 are:
ZS JKK – 27.7
ZS KVW – 12.7
ZS KNI – 17.0
Total 57.4

Once again we have seen an increase in the price offuel, Avgas from R18.10 to R18.50 and Jet A1 from R14.80 to R14.90. Unfortunately as long as the price of petrol continues to increase we are going to see Avgas and Jet A1 do the same.

Telani is in the process of getting approval to hold a Spot Landing Competition at the Club. Dates being applied for are either Sunday 11th or 18th May ……………. please put both these dates in your diaries. You will be able to enter flying a club aircraft or your own aircraft. This is certainly going to be an interesting funfilled day for not only the pilots but also their families who hopefully (if we get the required permission) will be allowed to watch from a safe distance from the runway.

The next solo party / achievers evening is scheduled for the 11 April. If you didn’t make the previous solo party, please try and make this one – soloists and club members too! The parties are always a lot of fun and not to be missed!

Civil Aviation are once again bringing out new regulations. Once these have been gazetted, Daryn Davis will hold a talk at the club to explain the new regs. We will keep you posted when this will take place.

We are also trying to organise a trip to King Shaka Int Airport to visit their Air Traffic Control facilities. This will be an amazing experience and all students should definitely make an effort to be there. Once again, we will keep everyone posted on this.

For those of you who know Ria Barker (Mel’s wife), it saddens me to tell you that presently she is not well and having to undergo some drastic treatment which willresult in her complete recovery. Ria and Mel we are here for you in anyway we can help.

Keep smiling

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