Storm at Oribi Mon 2014/02/24

Email from Club Treasurer Martin Helberg at 21:33

Early this evening we were hit by a major thunderstorm.  Pictured in this email are;

Wing tip of a C206.  This aircraft was tied down.  The ropes snapped and the aircraft turned through 90 degrees, in the process dropping the right wing and causing this damage.

The back end of our hangar had a sheet blown out of it.  Here Prince has just replaced it with some corrugated iron that was lying around after the storm.

Signage in Pharazyn Way ripped out of the ground.

This guttering was from the front of the clubhouse at the pool.  It ripped loose, blew over the roof and wrapped itself around these wires.

The ceiling / roof in the corner of the clubhouse closest to the pool ripped out by the wind and falling masonry.  It is raining through this hole into the club as I write this.

More signage in Pharazyn Way.  What is not visible in this photo are the missing panels in the upper section of the OFSM hangar.


The roof outside the pub was ripped off, flung across the building and smashed into hundreds of pieces on the front lawn.  Some pieces are still stabbed into the roof of the clubhouse!

Area outside the pub, sans roof.


Cameron Mackenzie holding our new windsock, shredded by the wind.  It, together with the pole, were blown over onto our lawn.

Ceiling above the briefing room, holed by a sharp piece of veranda roof as it blew over the clubhouse.

Ceiling inside the pub in the process of collapsing.

Roof of the OFSM hangar blown apart.

Inside the OFSM hangar a C206 was blown backwards against that C152 with sufficient force to cause this damage.  The propeller tip of the C152 went through the rear fuselage of the C206.

While our clubhouse is extensively damaged, our aircraft are untouched.

However, many other aircraft around the airfield have been damaged to a greater or lesser extent.  The damage must run into many millions!



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