Congratulations to Rob Beach for winning the 2015 PMB Aero club Spot landing Competition on the 2nd August. He won R800 and a “brag cup” when he earned 260 points out of a possible 300 in ZS-DKG, his trusty Tripacer. He also opened the competition, and his very first landing was bang on target!!!Very nicely done.

Second place went to Iain Rennie with 210 points in his Helio Courier ZS-JKZ netting R400 in prize money. He also gave the spectators an impressive demonstration of the Helios’ slow flying abilities.

Pilot-Iain Rennie

Gerald Paxman came in third with 200 points in his C152 ZU-CPL and would have walked away with R200 had he been there to collect it. Thanks for the drinks Gerald !

Jason Everard won the twin spot landing in the Crusader SZ-MKW, sadly there was no prize money for this category, (it was also the only twin entry).

Pilot-Jason Everard

All in all there were 16 entrants. Of these 16 entrants, only 6 actually landed on the spot. Bear in mind the spot is only 6 metres wide, which is a pretty narrow target, even for a Gyrocopter, ask Cameron!

Those that made the spot were Rob Beach, Iain Rennie, Gerald Paxman, Noel McDonough , Gary Hughes, and Craig Wing.. Of those 6 only one did it twice, Gary Hughes. Nicely done Gary but points were lost for 3 point and hard landings.

Pilot-Noel McDonogh

A delicious steak and sausage braai was arranged and cooked by Cameron Mackenzie which was not only delicious but crazy excellent value. Thank you Cameron.

Our Chairman, Anthony Grant handed out the prizes. It was a great vibe and a fun day. Hope to see more entrants next year..

Pilot-Ian Waghorn

by Telani Lithgow


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