About Us

Welcome to the world of flying.

We at the Pietermaritzburg Aero Club are certain that you will find your flying experience with us exciting, enjoyable and adventurous.

We offer part time and full time courses which are individually tailored to suit your schedule.

Whether you are looking to fly recreationally, or interested in aviation as a career, we will make that dream a reality.

Feel free to come and visit us at Pietermaritzburg Airport and see what we have to offer.

Visit our main website on http://www.pmbaeroclub.co.za

We offer: Private Pilots License                                                                                                                          Night Ratings                                                                                                                          Instrument Ratings                                                                                                             Commercial Licenses                                                                                                                  Exam Ground School                                                                                                                  Flight Instructor Ratings

On the social side: We have a great club house, licensed pub and a swimming pool, where various functions, including the well known “solo parties” are held.

About us: The Pietermaritzburg Aero Club is an independent, non-profit organization and aims to foster aviation in general and provide flying to its members at the lowest possible rates.

We are based at Pietermaritzburg Airport which has a 1580m tarred runway which is conveniently out of the way of heavy commercial air traffic.

The Aero Club Flight Training School is open 7 days a week and forms the core of the Club.  Our highly qualified instructors have accumulated many years of instructing on a variety of aircraft.

The Club has a Cessna 150 and two Cessna 172’s – all of which are kept in exceptionally good condition.

Tel: 033-386 3952         Email: pmb-aero@mweb.co.za       Web: www.pmbaeroclub.co.za


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